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Transport is perceived as a key issue in the community especially for school students. Efforts are being made by the high school to reduce transport barriers.

“We’ve been trying to deal with travel issues by subsiding students to get their learners license.”

“Last year we did 40 kids. We bring someone in to prepare them for the license. So there is a lot more people with licences because that was a problem for a while, people driving without licences. But some people, for example, in Raetihi, don’t have a vehicle to get over here to work.”

The twice weekly bus service, provided by Horizons, isn’t sufficient for community members without vehicles needing to commute daily for work.

Mirroring the experience of Taumarunui residents, internet accessibly and quality in the town are considered ‘good and bad’ dependent on location with the township and its surrounds.

A new cell tower is currently being installed which will help with cell coverage.

“Driving from here to Whanganui there’s no cell phone coverage. There are some big black holes, Pipiriki, Ratana. You lose all your GPS. Even the Paraparas. There’s one spot half one day when you hit the… the corner, you come up to that road goes up to your left, and you get right beside the give way sign and face Raetihi and your phone will work. We should put a sign there. Stop here.”

It is felt that the cost of food is higher than other parts of New Zealand and is a problem for the many people in the community on fixed or low income.

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