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Telecommunications–cellular and internet access-are patchy and inconsistent in Ohura and its surrounds.

  • The variance in internet accessibility, cellular reception and disrupted connectivity are common, acting as a barrier to home-based employment, although some people report good internet and cell access (in the village).

“When the cell phone tower went up? Because when we first came you had to go up to the cemetery and it was lucky there if you got a bar and people were up there all hours of the day and night so that they could communicate on their phone. As a business tool it was so important to get that going and it’s something that has really helped get Ohura back on its feet is having that technology available and working well.

Yet when you go out five k’s that way, you lose it.”

The distance and windy road between the Ohura community and Taumarunui to access public amenities including essential services such as healthcare is viewed as an accessibility barrier.

  • Road conditions are also viewed as further obstacle.

“The road that way is terrible. It is so rutted. The tarmac is getting ripped up. It’s all falling away”

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