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Participants did not describe any differences in cellular coverage and internet accessibility in Raetihi, which was considered adequate to enable remote workers.

Limited public transport was available in Raetihi:

"There’s one, yeah. There’s one."
"There's one bus every fortnight, though I’ve never taken it myself."
"The Horizon's one."
"It goes to Ohakune basically. They'll go on pension day to New World, but not many people know about that. They don't really advertise it."
"Accordingly, those who did not own a car were potentially socially and geographically isolated:"
"We see a lot of lonely people here. They've got no transport. Really isolated. "
"If you don't own a car, you don't go anywhere, pretty simply."
"Relatedly, a key concern of participants was the increasing unavailability of services in Raetihi."
"The problem is not utilizing the services we have, properly, then being scared that those will be taken away when we’re trying to get more services."

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