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Cellular coverage and internet speed in Raetihi are considered ‘good’ though some notice that in comparison to urban areas the speed was not the best.

  • Despite this issue, people are moving into the area due to affordable housing, and a number of internet based business were known.

“We’re seeing more digital natives and digital nomads come into town…and working from home on their computer”

Good quality internet connectivity and cell phone coverage are vital to the Raetihi community.

  • Raetihi, being close to Ohakune, has a close relationship with the nearby town. Despite the geographical proximity residents perceive attitudinal barriers to accessing services there.

“There is a perception from Raetihi that Ohakune is only 11km way but there is a barrier. To use Ohakune as a place to get information, there’s a barrier. […] I actually think it’s generational, once you cross that bridge”

  • Workers in Raetihi, who do not have vehicles, sometimes struggle to find transport to get to work.
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