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A story of well-regarded preschool and primary education and challenges with secondary education due to a traditionally high uptake of boarding school options, and perceptions on current educational methods available at secondary level.


Some areas in Ruapehu District lack early childhood education (ECE) and day care services, causing travel and wait time issues for parents. Local primary schools are valued but face challenges in teacher recruitment and retention. Many high school students go to boarding school outside the district due to dissatisfaction with Taumarunui High School or other reasons. Ruapehu College is well-regarded in the south, but schools in the district lack health and social services for complex needs. Post-school opportunities are mostly in primary industry or trades and were seen as scarce.

Key themes

  • Ruapehu District has gaps in ECE and day care services
  • Local primary schools struggle to attract and keep teachers
  • Many high school students leave the district for boarding school
  • Ruapehu College is respected in the south, but district schools lack support for complex needs
  • Post-school opportunities are limited to primary industry or trades
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