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A story of well-regarded preschool and primary education and challenges with secondary education due to a traditionally high uptake of boarding school options, and perceptions on current educational methods available at secondary level.


The ability to access good education from preschool to higher education is the ideal for high livability and wellbeing. While the narratives show that there is good preschool and primary school education available in the District, the same issues are found with accessibility and transport, and this affects after school activities. The district also loses families and students at year 9 or above, and this has implications for the wellbeing of both extended families and communities. Having to move location to obtain these services is not ideal for livability and wellbeing.

Key themes

  • Early childhood and primary school well regarded
  • Low attainment of NCEA levels
  • Increase in students boarding outside Ruapehu
  • Afterschool activities are challenging for caregivers
  • Limited higher educational opportunities
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