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Kakahi is perceived as a great place to bring up children.

  • Early childhood care is available in Taumarunui and participants were satisfied that they were of a good quality.

The primary school in Kakahi closed around 2014 due to a decreasing school roll.

  • The community feels there was not appropriate consultation made regarding the decision to close.

“It was voluntarily closed without consulting the community. I tell you what, if any of us had known, we would have put a stop to it and kept it going. It would be beneficial to the community to have a school. They’d only painted it 12 to 18 months before then.”

The impact of the primary school closing has been felt by some in terms, less social connectedness for parents of young children in the village.

  • Children travel to either Owhango or Taumarunui for primary school.
  • The local primary school in Owhango is well regarded.

“Everyone is looking out for them.”

Secondary school aged children either attend Taumarunui High School or go to boarding school in places like New Plymouth, Hamilton or Whanganui.

  • Opinions of Taumarunui High School are varied, and follow the views held in other Northern Ruapehu localities.
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