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National Park

National Park is considered a good place to raise children with a well-regarded primary school.

“I love it that they can climb trees and the kids are tough and hardy.”

“They can ride their bikes and walk to school by themselves.”

I think it’s still, some of the things I love is that because the school is small the children are really nurturing of each other. You know, when they came in they were absorbed and welcomed by every kid in the school. They all knew that this was the new kid coming and the kids wrapped that kid up in love and welcome and I really appreciated seeing my kids then have that attitude to others. And that’s what happens at this school.

Participants feel there is a lack of faith in Taumarunui High School’s educational approach with children attending boarding school or families leaving the area when their children become of age. Some children travel to Ohakune to attend Ruapehu College.

“There’s a lot of negativity about Taumarunui High School that I hear, but I also know some kids who are doing really well there…”

Due to the large number of holiday homes the permanent population of National Park Village is low. This impacts school enrolment numbers and funding, limiting extracurricular activities as staff are at capacity.

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